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Wean Caffeine

Wean Caffeine

Wean Caffeine


Quitting caffeine is hard and using traditional methods can put you out of commission for days, if not weeks! Wean prevents the debilitating withdrawal symptoms and makes giving up caffeine almost effortless. Wean allows you to quit while still living life to the fullest.

* Please see the "How Much Wean Caffeine Do I Need" below and calculate how many boxed you need or receive personal help by clicking the email tab to the right.

What's In Wean Caffeine?

Wean Caffeine
  • Natural Caffeine

    Wean Caffeine uses natural caffeine to help gradually taper you off your caffeine habit.

  • L-Theanine

    L-Theanine is used to help take the edge off, and keep your weaning as easy as possible. 


How Much Wean Caffeine Do I Need?

How much Wean Caffeine you'll need depends on your caffeine consumption. *If you require more than one box, start by taking the Day 1 Capsule on the first day, from each box, spaced out. Aim to match your Day 1 to the amount of caffeine you usually take.

Calculate How Many Boxes
  • 1 Box

    100 mg or less (1 Cup of Coffee) If you're the type who just has to have their morning coffee or 24 oz of soda, then 1 box is all you'll need to kick the habit.

  • 2 Boxes

    200 mg or less (2-3 cups of coffee / 64 oz soda / 1 energy drink) Find yourself seeking out caffeine multiple times per day? You're probably in the 2 box category. 

  • 3 Boxes

    300 mg or less (4+ cups of coffee / 2+ energy drinks / pre-workout junkie) If you're in this category the caffeine monkey has you firmly in its grasp and it's going to take 3 boxes to get rid of him.